4 Benefits of Staging your Home to Sell

If you are looking to put your home on the market in the Santa Rosa Beach, Florida area, then wondering whether or not you should stage the space has probably crossed your mind. There are so many questions – is it worth the investment? Will I see a return? How do I know if I should?  The truth is, there are so many ways your home can benefit from staging, especially if the space is empty awaiting a sale. Read on to find our top 4 benefits of staging your home to sell!

Higher Resale Value

Who doesn’t want more money when selling your home? It is estimated that staging your home before listing it brings in an average of 17% more cash than if your home was blank and bare. An extra 17% can be a big difference for your wallet, and this is an easier way to get more money than doing something more major such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Helps Potential Buyers Envision the Home

Believe it or not, a lot of people have a difficult time visualizing spaces. So when touring a house with empty rooms and blank walls, people can find it challenging to imagine what potential the space can have. All they see is what is in front of them, which is just an empty room. By adding some furniture and wall art, you are showing them the possibilities of a space and helping potential buyers understand how each room can be used. This logically helps in problem solving for buyers who often times will have these questions come up AFTER viewing. With staging a space, you are helping to resolve these questions before a viewer even thinks of them.

Helps to Highlight Special Features in your Home

Does your home have some stellar features such as a row of built-in bookcases or a stunning fireplace? Staging your home can help to highlight some of these special characteristics and turn them into selling points! As staging your home can showcase architectural features, it can also mask some less attractive spaces. From awkward nooks to odd shaped spaces, staging your home can provide ideas to new homeowners on how to utilize those areas.  

Shorter Time on the Market

This nifty benefit has to do with the psychology of spaces. When prospective buyers can imagine themselves in the home, it fuels the desire and likelihood that they will make an offer. This is both caused by the emotional and logical reasoning that buyers get when they see a space that is well-designed. Either they can picture themselves on that sofa snuggling up watching a movie, or love how the dining room is large enough to fit a table of eight. 

4 Benefits of Staging your Home to Sell

Those are 4 benefits of staging your home to sell, with everything from higher resale value to shorter market time – Bottom line is that it’s a great investment for you and your future buyers. Having a professional assist you in your staging needs is a great way to make sure your home is destined to sell. Our team at Bontemps Interiors in Santa Rosa Beach can help you in all your staging needs.

6 Ways To Bring The Beach Into Your Home

What is the best part about summer? Sun, sand, and water of course! While you are sipping a margarita with your toes in our white sandy beaches, there is definitely a sense of tranquility and peace so satisfiable that it gets difficult when it’s the time to leave. Year round, we all wait for warm weather to arrive so that we can hit the beach to relax. But instead of waiting, why not bring the beach into your home? We at Bontemps Interiors, a Destin Florida Interior Design firm, are detailing out 6 ways to bring the beach into your home.

6 Ways To Bring The Beach Into Your Home

Whether you live away from the beach – somewhere in the middle of a city or you reside nearby and want to feel the beach vibes inside, these décor tips and ideas will help you bring back those sandy vibes and turquoise-tinged character to your homes. So, are you ready to ditch your present design style for this perfect coastal feel? Let’s have a look!

1.    Display Seashells

We all have collected seashells on a vacation at one point or another in our lifetime. Whether to just decorate with them or store them as a souvenir – seashells are the most authentic looking beach décor. Display them on your coffee table, console, dining room center piece or on a floating shelf to create a simple yet beachy feel in your space.

2.    Creative Wall Art

The colors and artwork on your walls really set the tone for the room. Using local artwork, either a blown up photograph of a beach scene you love or a painting, there is no easier way to decorate your walls while keeping a coastal theme. If you take a family vacation to the beach, a family photo session with canvas prints are another great way to incorporate the beach feel.

3.    Play with Colors

What are the first colors that pop in your head when I say, ‘coastal’, ‘beach’, and ‘ocean’? More than likely you’re thinking emerald blues, greens, and whites (hello, Emerald Coast!) To bring the beach into your home, colors are a major place to start. There are a variety of options – Like beachy artwork on white walls, turquoise/blue solid and patterned throw pillows on a white couch, or an accent wall with beachy colors. Revolving your color palette around these hues will definitely give a coastal charm to your home.

4.    Coastal Decor

Another way to bring the beach into your home is with coastal furniture and decor pieces. Pieces that incorporate ropes, shells or reclaimed wood will add to your coastal vibe. We also love to use lamps or lighting that brings the beach feel. What about some bohemian-styled knitted baskets? Place them underneath your consoles and tables, in the entryway or the hallway to round out your design. But remember not to hide them – they should definitely be on display in your homes.

6 Ways To Bring The Beach Into Your Home

5.    Beach Signs from Reclaimed Wood

Placing beach signage in your homes, such as wall hangings with beach names or vacation destinations, are another easy way to bring the beach into your home. Find ones made from reclaimed wood, as they feel more authentic – giving the illusion of actually being at the beach.

6.    Furniture Choices

Furniture is a major choice in a home, one that stands out and catches attention from your guests. The first rule is to skip bold furniture, and instead look for light, airy, and bright furniture that matches your paint colors and wall decor. The second thing to keep in mind when looking for furniture is that it should be as relaxing as the beach – So look for things like daybeds, armchairs, hammocks and lounge chairs to mimic the beach feel. You can also use your patio and balcony and transform them into a “Cabana-like” experience!

6 Ways To Bring The Beach Into Your Home

Now that we discussed our 6 ways to bring the beach to your home, let’s find all the necessary items to get you started. Our show room located in Santa Rosa Beach is full of furniture, accessories and artwork to help you get inspired by our coastal style. Our team of interior designers can also work with you to transform any space while bringing your design dreams to life.